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Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Cyberwalk at its best

Wanna go on a cyberwalk on the Sardar Patel Road? You can leisurely amble along the road without the fear of being run over or pulled up by a cop for jaywalking. Want to have a look of the city from atop the Naubat Pahad or simply would you like to see how it is around the historic Charminar?

Log on to hyderabadbest.com, a recent addition to the cyber world and you can go cyberwalking as well as have a panoramic view of several landmarks of the twin cities. All this is possible, because of the novel technologies like the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) that are used extensively on the site.

The WAP enabled portal, launched by Indias-best.com (IBDC), features some of the best educational institutions, hotels, entertainment, art and culture, real estate, medical features, trade and commerce, and personalities of Hyderabad. An exclusive section on IT is an added attraction for those who would like to know what's happening on the IT front.

"Apart from being attractive, we can introduce the online shopping facility," Manjunath P. Bijjahalli, Managing Director and CEO of IBDC, explains. The idea is to give an option to the cyberwalking browser to enter any shopping mall and then take a 360-degree view of the shop, select the section and buy whatever he wants. Of course, this has not been done so far, but in a month's time this facility will be on its way.

The portal offers a unique e-brochure for prospective clients. The B-2-B e-brochure is an interactive yellow pages for the city, where advertisers can showcase their products and service offerings. "No online media survives without active support from an offline media," Manjunath says, and points out that Hyderabad-best.com will be supplemented by an e-mag which goes under the name of the portal. The glossy e-mag was also launched on Monday.

A unique e-poster, an artistic representation of the 400-year-old city on the site, would be a corporate showcase for the city, depicting the logos of the city's leading brands. These posters on the site would be hyperlinked and the print versions of it could be corporate gifts by the advertisers.

The portal is the third city specific one to be launched by IBDC. Earlier, bangalorebest.com and chennaibest.com were launched with similar content. The IBDC plans to launch city specific portals on 11 other cities shortly. Another promising aspect of the portal is that it will shortly be coming out with a multimedia encyclopedia of Hyderabad on a CD-Rom.

The CD will contain thousands of photo images, graphics, interactive maps and many other aspects. And the best part is it's likely to be priced at Rs. 99 only. Some compact offer, this!

By K. Srinivas Reddy


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