Imagine putting your print brochure on the net for the whole world to see! That's what the e-brochure section in our city-portals let you do. We can design an electronic brochure for you, running from one to several pages. You can use it to showcase either your company or products, or both.
An online brochure typically includes...  
- 1 to 50 pages
- Text, Pictures amd Graphics
- A 360 degree panoramic view of your showroom or workplace
- a 20/30 second multimedia commercial
- A flash movie clip
We give you a password that lets you edit pages directly from your desktop.  

You can choose from 21 templates. Here are some snap-shots of the templates, or we can customize it for you...


  • You can update your e-brochure from any internet linked computer, anywhere in the world! We will give you a template that's easy to use.

  • You can link your e-brochure on our portal to your current website; this could stream in additional traffic for you.
We take care of all the e-commerce support, and give you the additional facility of being linked to our e-shopping section.
The bottom-line is a price tag that is competitively low - a good 1/10th of what it could cost you to set up an e-shop on your own.

You can offer your client a 360 degree panoramic view of your office or showroom that you might choose to showcase. You can also display, demonstrate and sell your product from your e-brochure.
Click here for a Demo 360° Panoramic View
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