• It comes in an international format / design for the first time in India.

  • The e-mag is printed in multi-colour using the best paper available in India

  • Its unique international design ensures all advertisers get equal mileage / eye-ball exposure.

  • The number of copies that we give for each advertiser will be at least 2-3 times more than other similar publications.

  • We guarantee 2-3 times higher circulation than that of other local publishers. E-mag is complimentary, not sold.

  • The articles and advertisements in our e-mag will also have an Internet version on our city specific portal. Hence, the advertisers get more eyeball exposure to their advertisements in our e-mag

  • The e-mag is mailed to the “who's who” of that city.

  • A large map indicating the clear positions of all advertisers as well as places of interest in the city.

  • The shelf life of this e-mag is more than that of any other city magazine and can be useful for a whole year.

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